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Saturday, 15 December 2007
The Intermet #400

The Intermet

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Say it ain't so, Paulie!


He was traded to the Nats last week and just the other day was named in the Mitchell senatorial probe as having purchased HGH.  More to follow on this story.

LoveEmHateEm, 12/15/07

Posted by loveemhateem at 8:52 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 15 December 2007 9:02 AM EST
Saturday, 17 November 2007
The Intermet #399


The Intermet

A Mets Daily Paper at your PC's front door

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What's wrong with this picture?





Lo Duca always supplied the hunger, desire, and attitude (more than enough to expect from a slighly above avg catcher. And now they have plans to acquire AT BEST an avg catcher, Yorvit Torrealba, to replace Lo Duca. Aaah! the cerebral Met management at work again).

Getting back to Lo D and Willie: If you're a ballsy player, you have to have the manager back you up. It was clearly plain to see that this was NOT the case once in mid 07 at home plate with eyebrows ablazin' the time Lo Duca littered the field with equipment and except for a stand-between moment separating catcher from HP ump, Willie remained stoic as usual. Imagine how fired up the Mets would have been had Willie shown some balls and buried the ump's shoes up to his ankles with dirt. There had to have been a dozen moments like that just in 07 that Willie let slip by (but that's not his "style"). THAT is why the Mets are 'nowhere' until Willie is relieved of his duties. And THAT is a reason why Minaya is a fool's fool and always will be. What do you expect from an executive who starts and ends every friggin' sentence with " know what I mean...". He's not right in the head as a GM. Therefore, they not only need to replace Willie, but also to get a new GM in there who:

a) thinks and speaks like an executive

b) can spot flaws in his manager and expeditiously corrects them

c) doesn't get so mesmerized and enamored with folksy "Caribbean" recruitment efforts.

And don't give me that "this is where the best players are" crap either. There is an obvious perception that for whatever reason, Minaya shies away from the white and black players moreso than he does the latinos. Imagine for a minute there is a white manager stacking his team with nothing but all white players or a black manager with a lineup of 8 blacks and one latino. ESPN would be grilling this organizaion until the cows came home, you can count on that.

Paul Lo Duca will be missed -- in more ways than you can know what I mean?

LoveEmHateEm, 11/17/07

Posted by loveemhateem at 6:04 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 22 November 2007 7:10 AM EST
Thursday, 11 October 2007
The Intermet #398


The Intermet

A Mets Daily Paper at your PC's front door

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If the Mets were body parts


Paul Lo Duca would be the balls

Willie Randolph would follow close behind

Wright would be the backbone

Reyes would be the legs (if they don't fall asleep)

Gomez and Gotay would be the alternate legs (once they get started)

Milledge would be a developing nerve center

Glavine would be the thumb up the ass

Perez: the left arm

Pedro: the right arm

Beltran's job would be the muscle

Delgado would be the hand job

HoJo would be the brain

Henderson would be left behind

...and Endy would be the heart

--LoveEmHateEm, 10/11


- Yo Omar, Sign Lo Duca Now! -

- What changes are to come? -

Posted by loveemhateem at 8:49 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 11 October 2007 9:06 AM EDT
Monday, 8 October 2007
The Intermet #397


The Intermet

A Mets Daily Paper at your PC's front door

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More joy in Metville

as Yanks get dumped

by a hungry Tribe


First the Phils crash and burn and then the Yanks follow close behind--it doesn't get any better than this, especially after having watched our Mets take a head-first nosedive into the history books. It's good to see Met karma playing a huge roll in the post season, ain't it? It is similarly satisfying to watch the oxygen escape from yet another gem of a fan base.  I guess now I can put those Phillie and Yankee vodoo dolls away 'till next year. (What a bunch of pricks!).

Having opened up a can of whoop-ass right on the Yanks front lawn of the 'House That The Fat Bastad Built' Monday night, the Cleveland Indians completed the post-season quartet of teams with relative ease and will play the Red Sox for the 2007 ALCS as the Snakes take on the Rocks for the 2007 NLCS. I like the Rockies vs the Indians for the WS and since I'm an NL kinda guy, I gotta pull for The Rockheads as ring bearers.

I normally root for the NL team that goes to the WS but I'm almost tempted to pull for the Indians because a) they beat the Skanks soundly and b) my buddy Jerry is a big Indians fan. Either way, this makes for a very happy and satisfying upcoming winter hibernation period for Met fans.

--LoveEmHateEm, 10/8


PS: Best Yankee joke this month (courtesy of "RJ" from over at BMF's):

You're trapped in a room with a rattlesnake, a tiger and a Yankees fan. You have a gun with only two bullets in it. What do you do?

Shoot the Yankee fan twice.


- Rejoice, Rejoice! The Yankees are Dead! -

Posted by loveemhateem at 11:56 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 9 October 2007 11:11 AM EDT
Sunday, 7 October 2007
The Intermet #396


The Intermet

A Mets Daily Paper at your PC's front door

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Well, that didn't take long now did it?

After the Mets gift-wrapped the NL East for them Phumbling Phillies, what do the Phillies do? Why, they take a good long look at that knock on their door called 'opportunity', cower into a fetal ball and let it knock and knock until it just up and walked away. The Mets may have fizzled in '07 just a hair worse than the Fizzlin' Phils of '64 and '07, but at least in '06 the Amazins made some concerted effort to represent their division a little past the first round.

And I'm sure J Roll and his crystal ball wasn't even expectin' this stunning sweep at the hands of the piping hot Colorado Rockies who just won their 17th game in their last 18 tries and capped off a run to the NLCS by sweeping the Phils on Saturday night in Colorado.

I don't care how sad of a Met fan you are--if you don't feel just a little glad that the Phils blew it worse than the Mets could ever have blown this golden opportunity, then you must be either dead or in a coma.

And right after the game, I heard that Rollins was last seen in the clubhouse composing a new jive line for the 2008 Phils. I hope it works just as good as the last one did. And maybe we'll all be lucky and he'll have it all written and ready for the press by Thanksgiving, 'cause they're ain't nothing I like better at Thanksgiving than a little jive turkey to go with my sweet potatoes.

Buh bye, Phils. And congratulations to the Hot Rocks of '07. Looks like they'll meet up with the DBacks in the NLCS as AZ also swept their competition--the Cubbies--earlier today. Goodnight Mets fans. Sleep tight. I know I will!

--LoveEmHateEm, 10/7



Posted by loveemhateem at 1:26 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 7 October 2007 9:19 AM EDT
Thursday, 4 October 2007
The Intermet #395


The Intermet

A Mets Daily Paper at your PC's front door

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Click here to view Mets Photo Album -- updated daily!




Schadenfreude strikes back!





Looks like the Rockies, now up 2 games to 0 in the best of five NLDC against the 'phlailing Phillies', just might sweep the self-proclaimed "team to beat" this Saturday night. And as I sat and watched the Rockies take the Phils to the woodshed for the second day in a row, I must say that there is nothing like a big bowl of "shove it up your ass, Phillies!" stew for supper just a few days after the Mets bowed outta the playoff picture.

And the beauty of the Colorado Rockies (aka The Hot Rocks) running roughshod all over the Phils is that there are several ex-Mets involved, both yesterday and in today's 10-5 slaughtering. Rockies manager Clint Hurdle played for the Mets in the 80's and managed the Mets AAA club (The Tides), and their pitching coach Bob Apodaca was also a PC under Bobby "V" and also at Norfolk (AAA). But the star ex-Met of the day was Kaz Matsui whose grand salami put the Rockies up 6-3 at the time. Ol' Kaz nearly hit for the cycle but late in the game needing only a single, he flied out.

Oh well, can you tell I have a baseball jones so bad that I'm watching anything on the tube that resembles baseball? To show ya how desperate I am for "anything baseball", I actually watched A League of Their Own starring Rosie O'Dildo the other night.  I think I prefer the playoffs.

It's kinda extra special to watch the Phils squirm and for their fans to alter the speed of their incessantly waving of those 'sanitary napkins' down to an ultra slow version of their propeller-like motion which, by the final innings, resembled that of a 105-year-old woman fanning her kitty cat on her lap while sitting on a lead rocking chair situated in the intense gravity of Jupiter. What goes around, comes around I guess--and that was some fast karma turnaround at that! (Oh and the Yankees are currently getting their ass kicked by the Tribe 11-3 ... insert smiley face here).

--LoveEmHateEm, 10/4

Posted by loveemhateem at 9:49 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 5 October 2007 9:03 AM EDT
Wednesday, 3 October 2007
The Intermet #394

The Schoeneweis 'coincidence'


Scott Schoeneweis was alleged to have received steroid shipments from a Florida pharmacy in mid-2003 while with the ChiSox. Monday he told the Daily News that he had "never received anything from Florida".

Now does anyone besides me think that the whole Schoeneweis story, breaking when it did, stink like a July whore house at low tide? To me it appeared that it was a setup designed to be a distraction for the Mets just as they would enter the playoffs, with a backup plan of releasing it in the event the Mets didn't make it, as was the case.

The behind-the-scenes slimeballs that release these stories are just that--slimeballs. Just like politics, sports is not just tarnished by one entity (ie steroids), there are multiple levels of slimeball jerkoffs to contend with as they carefully wait and plan to twist and spin public opinion to fit their desired mold of 'perfection'.

Now what if Schoeneweis is innocent? It doesn't matter, that's what. Guilty or not guilty, his name is forever tarnished and linked to steroids. That's too bad because he seemed that he was coming around really well for the Mets toward the end of the season.

--LoveEmHateEm, 10/3


- Schoeneweis denies report -

- What next for Schoeneweis? -

Posted by loveemhateem at 8:13 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 4 October 2007 9:56 PM EDT
Tuesday, 2 October 2007
The Intermet #393

First the Mets don't make the

post-season ... then this!



They say bad news comes in "three's". Today the second wave apparently hit: Willie will be retained as Met manager for 2008. I hope the 'Man Upstairs' goes gentle with #3 because I can't take much more this week. But like a good Met fan, we have to sit and take it and hope that "The Clueless Wonder" somehow finds time to get a hold of a stack of motovational tapes over the Winter and put them to good use--just the same way that threre is a solution for the ill-timed HR celebrations performed by the "Met youth" in the on-deck circle and other delightful 'things' that veteran Mets coulda and shouda stepped to the forefront and curbed months ago.

NOTES: Tom Glavine could take some tips on how to be a classy player from San Diego pitcher Trevor Hoffman who blew the save and lost game #163 against the surging Rockies last night for the NL Wild Card berth. He actually took complete blame instead of making excuses. Now that's being a class act.

Unlike Glavine's excuses-laden lackadaisical comments and piss-poor attitude in general after blowing Sunday's final game of the season for the Mets that would have at least earned them a one-game playoff with the Phils on Monday, Hoffman was repentent and sorry for what he had done, and made no excuses at all. Have fun in Atlanta Tommy Boy, and don't let the door hit ya in the ass.

--LoveEmateEm, 10/2/2007


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Posted by loveemhateem at 8:49 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 October 2007 8:18 PM EDT
Monday, 1 October 2007
The Intermet #392
Topic: Game #162 ---- 88-74



The Mets had me at 25% in '62



My first reaction after yesterday's last game of '07 was to jot down as many "what if's" and "why's" as possible including post-game comments. But I decided to put it on the back burner. Simply put, ya gotta believe that the Phils wanted it more. So congratulations to the 2007 NL East Division Champions: The Philadelphia Phillies.  Final: The emotionally pumped and pissed-off Marlins 8, Mets 1.

Since the Mets finished six thousandths of a percentage point (.006) back of the Phils, you'd think it was a squeaker down to the end--and ya know something, as far as I'm concerned it was. It shouldn't have been as seen from mid-September ... but it was. After Sunday's games were played, there were 3 possible outcomes. It's too bad that after Saturday's high, the following day's result was almost a polar opposite.

The 2007 Mets grew to become an unenthused and unmotivated team right before our eyes. And if I knew exactly why, I'd have a new job this Spring. Anyway I'm sure the Mets and their fans and bloggers will have plenty to say between now and Spring of '08.

If there are any major management changes to occur, they should be made swiftly and within the next day or so. It would serve no purpose for management to prolong the first step in the rebuilding of the Mets for '08.

In 2007, I figure that I put in 600+ hours of watching and/or listening to the Mets and 300+ hours writing and reading about the Mets. In doing so, I got over 900 hours of sheer pleasure. If I expected anything less (other than the occasional TV sailing out the friggin' window), then I would be doing something else as a pastime.

Thanks for all who came over to read my daily Mets articles. To invest this much time on the Mets in one season was a goal of mine. Remember that the Mets success rate this year was 54.3% compared to the Phils' 54.9%. But whether they finish with a 66.7% success rate ('86) or that awesome 25% season of 1962, these Amazin' Mets will always be in my heart until the day I die.

--LoveEmHateEm, 10/01/2007


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Posted by loveemhateem at 6:25 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 2 October 2007 9:00 PM EDT
Sunday, 30 September 2007
The Intermet #391
Topic: Game #161 ---- 88-73





Two rarities almost occured at Shea on Saturday--a no-hitter and a 'Pier 6 brawl'. Well the brawl occured, if that's what you want to call it. It was more of a gathered discussion except for one "bad boy" who was sent to the showers early. But more on this Saturday afternoon rumble later. (I was actually rooting for a brawl several times during the course of the season, especially during the June swoon and a couple of weeks ago, figuring something like a good ol' fashioned ass whoopin' would be just the thing to unite and propel the Mets to a boatload of victories).

The only thing that alluded the Mets yesterday was their first no-hitter--again. On Saturday, Maine pitched as brilliantly as any Met had in years as he mowed and filleted the Fish left and right striking out 14 and allowing just one hit in 7 2/3 innings. It was then that a Marlins backup catcher hit the slowest of ground balls up the 3rd base line that a charging Wright had to eat. That sad little shot was the only hit given up by His Majesty King John Maine as his wizardry on the mound coupled with the resurgent Mets 19-hit offense left them 1/2 game out of 1st place at game's end. Later in the afternoon, the Nats dropped the Phils 4-2 to make short the Phils tenure as sole occupants of first place as the Mets elbowed their way back atop the NL East to join the shocked Phils.

The Mets win didn't come without problems as tempers flared in the Mets half of the 5th inning and a sight which is very seldom seen, a Mets bench clearing, was the result of an errant pitch by Harvey Garcia that ran behind Castillo. A few moments after that fracas settled down which was nothing more than a lot of jawing and mouthing off, another one erupted (this one with a little more fervor) when during a pitcher change, Fish catcher Olivo charged Reyes who at the time was on 3rd and was jawing at the Fish who were congregating on the mound. Olivo charged Reyes from the mound and all hell broke loose again.

However, this is a new century and fights ain't what they used to be, pa! Aside from the off-target punch thrown by Olivo that missed Reyes and skimmed off of 3b coach Alomar along with several other sporadic eruptions consisting of minor grabbing and shoving, nothing of significance materialized as no other punches were thrown. Just a lot of jawing and moaning. I was waiting for Kevin Mitchell to come out and start giving oxygen-depriving headlocks a la 1986 to any Marlin that was within his reach.

But the ironic twist o' the day came when the 2nd string Marlins catcher Paul Hoover (in for the ejected Olivo who Reyes earlier fiddled with from his perch at 3rd base) was the guy who "Qualled" Maine for the lone hit. The moral of the story: A little less lip and a little more heads-up baseball...REYES!!! Final Mets 13, Fish ZIP. Magic number: 2, one game to play. Mets and Phils tied for 1st place.

--LoveEmHateEm, 9/30


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The final regular season game of 2007:

Sunday at Shea vs the Marlins at 1:10pm ET, Glavine vs Willis

Posted by loveemhateem at 12:04 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 1 October 2007 8:29 AM EDT

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